Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ups and Downs of Mitaka

We spent our Thursday back at Mitaka again, this is the biggest city of our three we are assigned to. Today had its discouragements but also had its upside as well. We started the day without Chris, who was feeling ill from some bad food he ate the day prior. So anytime you don't have your full team with you, you feel it. He is better by the way. We did another day of distribution and prayer walking. The first picture you see is of one of the many apartment mailboxes here, we try to put a Hope DVD offer in each one and pray over each one as we do this. It was encouraging today as we distributed several hundred of these DVD offers to people. The missionary's will come back through in a few months and follow-up with the Gospel of John being distributed. So they should get a double dose of Gospel!
We then spent the afternoon prayer walking and doing some more 5 minute English practice in Mitaka. The last picture you see is of a temple that we saw along our prayer walk and decided it was best to stop and pray over it. These temple sites, while they are beautiful are nothing short the work of Satan. Those who worship here are blinded by Satan's lies and need to be set free by God's truth.
The day ended when we got to meet one of Beth's Japanese contacts for dinner. We had a great time with her as we were able to strengthen the existing relationship. Today we will spend our time in Higashi-Koganei doing pretty much the same thing. We also have our friendship party tonight there as well. This friendship party is where we gather all of our Japanese contacts and have dinner with them. The intent is to not only strengthen the existing relationship but to also now introduce them to the missionaries who are staying here. This way the relationship can continue.
We would ask that you all continue to pray for us as this task of witnessing to the Japanese can get very frustrating. How do you explain the Gospel message to someone who has never heard of God, Jesus, or the Bible? This is further compounded by the fact that neither of you can really communicate with the other one all that well due to the language barrier. So we would just ask for your continued prayers as we try to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the Japanese.


  1. Everything looks so clean and well kept there. Is that the case? (or just photography?)

  2. yes everything is generally well kept and clean. The Japanese respect not only their own property but others as well. So no camera tricks here, this is just represenative of the streets we do distribution on everyday.