Friday, September 4, 2009


We spent our entire day in Mitaka today doing prayer walking, distributing materials, and doing 5 minute English. The title is from the train station as the lady on the intercom would say "Mitaka...Mitaka" over and over again so its pretty much stuck in all of our heads now. The first picture is of one of the small neighborhoods that we walked through to distribute materials in. We were putting the Hope DVD offers in everyone's mailboxes in an effort to sort of supersaturate an area with the news of Jesus Christ. The current thinking is, "if we can't get them with the 5 minute English, then at least they'll have the offer of a free DVD that explains Christianity" It was a very interesting morning, after a bit of lunch at a sukiya, we prayer walked the town of Mitaka. Its a very old and traditional Japanese suburb of Tokyo and the people have been cut off from the gospel for so long. We finished the day doing 5 minute English where we met an American lady, Katie, who we were able to share the Gospel with as well as our testimonies. She is very confused in her beliefs and was struggling with what she believes and what she knows. We would ask that you pray for her, that her heart is softened to the Gospel and that we are able to build a stronger relationship with her. Tomorrow we head to Kichijoji park for the day for ministry work. Pray that we are bold in speaking to others and sharing our faith.


  1. So Katie goes to a country almost void of Christianity and hears the gospel. Gotta love the way God works....

    Thanks for the frequent posts.

  2. I am so thankful you all are giving us so many names of individual people to pray for. This is great that we are able to see God working in people's lives this way. It makes our prayers so much more personal to pray for a name rather than the whole of Japan. Thank you for posting your updates for us. And keep them coming!