Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy Busy

We've been very busy these past few days, who would have guessed that our last week in country would be so busy. Saturday we spent our last day doing park ministry again, we went to Koganei Koen which is in Higashikoganei, its a big park and had lots of people however we weren't able to share Christ with anyone. Everyone we tried to talk to didn't speak any English and our Nihongo isn't that good either. We spent the afternoon at the open air Edo-style museum which was pretty cool. On Sunday the IMB Tokyo team decided to get all of their churches together along the Chuo Line and have a big church fellowship at Musashino Koen. It was great as we got to fellowship with many Japanese Christians, eat some American BBQ, and have some great worship time together. We were also able to invite some non-Christians to come and fellowship with us and we were also able to share Christ with them. We would ask that you please pray for T-san and N-san as they are Buddhists and are quite confused about their beliefs. We had a good talk with them and I'm sure God's Spirit is working on their hearts. Oh, we've also welcomed three new interns since our last post as well, Jude, Whitney, and Amy have all just arrived and are going to be here for the next three months. We would also ask that you please pray for them, that their transition is smooth and they are open to God working through them. We are saddened that our time is drawing to a close here, we've made some great some new friends here and are sad to leave them. As I talk about the IMB missionaries here in Tokyo, I can't help but stress the Lottie Moon offering, this offering goes to support real people who are sharing Jesus Christ with thousands to millions of people who have never heard His name proclaimed. Please pray for these missionaries and please if you have the opportunity, support them through your local Lottie Moon offering this Christmas season.

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