Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Day

The rain didn't stop our ministry day Saturday, it just moved us indoors.

Our schedule changed from prayer walking and park ministry to mall ministry because of the rain. Mall ministry was pretty tough because it required us to boldly go up to people for no real reason at all and try to become friends with them.

It is somewhat easy to start a conversation when people have kids. We spoke with a lady and who was sitting with her little girl in Starbucks, but did not exchange information or share the gospel message. Erin successfully carried on a conversation with a lady at the mall about one of the drink machines and was able to exchange information with her. All the lady kept saying was, "oh what beautiful eyes" (she's gotten that comment more than once here) =)

For dinner we met with two ladies A-San and E-San. A-San met Matt through 5-minute English. They were very kind and ordered our whole meal of yummy Japanese dishes and appetizers. We practiced much English, but didn't present the gospel presentation...the conversation did not go there. Please pray that we are able to clearly present the gospel message to both A-San and E-San.

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