Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Day of Rest

Domo Arigato Gozimasu (Thank you) all so much for your continued prayer support!

God is so good and has encouraged us every step of the way. He has sent people our way to talk to us and directed us when we weren't exactly sure what to do. Yesterday, one of our team members had the privilege of leading someone to the Lord! Yasuhirosu accepted Christ yesterday --- Praise God!

We still covet your prayers. It is very difficult to not only start a relationship with the people here, but spark their interest to continue relations with us. Several of the people that we've met have either not responded to our outreach to them, or have simply stopped communicating with us. Please pray that the following people accept our invite and come to our "friendship party" this Friday, where we plan to introduce them to the local missionaries---one of the most important parts of the mission:
M-San, T-San, K-San, M-San, H-San, Y-San, E-San, T-San, and C-San

Today was our official day of rest. The gang ventured out together to see one of the beautiful Japanese Gardens all of the way across town called the Rikugien Garden. According to wikipedia :0) - the park was built in 1695, completed in 1702, and then donated to the government in 1938.

Check out Rikugien Garden behind us in the picture below:

Tomorrow we'll be back in action starting bright and early. Please pray that we will all be focused on our mission and that our eyes will be open to opportunities to share the gospel and/or show God's love to the Japanese.

- In the morning we'll be covering the city of Musashisakai with prayer while distributing free DVD/Bible digest offers to the residents. Please pray for our stamina and that the people we present the offer to accept it.

- In the afternoon we're going to conduct campus ministry at a local university and prayer walk the campus. Please pray that God protects us while we walk the campus. (During the last campus ministry, God was so awesome that instead of us getting kicked off, He sent someone to us who allowed us to tour the campus freely). Please also pray that we meet students who are interested in hearing the gospel message.

- Finally, just before dinner, the crew will be offering free 5-minute English practice at the Musashisakai train station. Our goal is to reach the people with the gospel message either right there at the station or at our friendship party. We cannot tell them about Jesus if they are not even willing to hear what we have to say. Please ask God to send us people who are interested in Him and that we are able to clearly communicate His message to them.

Have a great day!


  1. So as I click to read the blog, "Better is One Day" starts playing on Pandora, then I read that I have a new sibling in Christ. Just an awesome moment. Welcome Yasuhirosu! Can't wait to worship with you with one day.

    Thanks for continually sharing you're adventure with us.

  2. I can only imagine that you all are starting to feel the strain and your feet must be tired from all that walking. May God give you His strength on a daily basis as you continue to work for His Kingdom. Praise God for a new brother in Christ!