Monday, September 7, 2009

Sssshhhhh....we're doing campus ministry

Well today was the day that many of us on the team had been fearing would get here. Today was our first day of campus ministry. IMB Tokyo has decided to try and reach out to the students on the university campuses around Tokyo. The problem comes in the form that we are not allowed to do any distribution nor are we allowed to do much Gospel proclaiming. The plan is to make contact with someone and get them off of the campus and then share with them. It was a scary kind of day in that it is very easy to be thrown off campus at these universities, the slightest wrong move or look could bring undue attention our way and ruin IMB's chance to gain access to that campus. So we began the day in an alley next to the university where we were given our cover story and our plan of attack. We would enter the campus in very small groups with the story that I was interested in Japanese universities because I'm a university student. It seemed like a solid story and we went for it. Sorry we don't have any pictures of the university either, pictures would have been something else to draw attention to ourselves. The days worries were further compounded because we were told to look like we knew where we were going and what we were doing but no one knew what the inside of the campus looked like. So once we passed the guard shack, we had no idea where to go or what to do. It turned out to be a very small campus and we were able to prayer walk it for a bit before leaving.
The rest of the day we spent back at Musashi-sakai station doing 5 minute English and prayer walking. Beth and I met a lady, Y-San, who were able to share the Gospel with, she seemed very open to the Bible and God's Word, so that's a good thing. Please pray for her and that we are able to build a stronger relationship with her.
One thing you're probably noticing at this point is that we always ask for God to help us in building strong relationships with the Japanese. Relationships are everything here and without them the Gospel would not spread well at all. So we spend our days trying to reach out to the Japanese and build these friendships with them, it can be very tough and frustrating.

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  1. Do you plan to continue these friendships when you return stateside?