Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our first day

We spent our first day here in Japan doing some orientation in the morning followed by a walk to Shibuya station where we went through the famous Hachiko crossing (the one with all of the people). We had some tonkatsu (fried pork with cabbage) for lunch then went to the Tokyo government building to their 45th floor to see all of Tokyo.

These are a few pictures from the top of the building, it gives you an idea of just how big Tokyo is and how big of a job missionaries are facing here. After that we went to Shinjuku station to do some 5 minute Engligh practice. This was an interesting adventure for all of us! We all met some Japanese and were able to share our testimonies with them as well as provide them with an opportunity to get further information from IMB. We finshed the day going back through Hachiko crossing which is the last picture here. Please continue to pray for our boldness to speak as well as for God to give us divine appointments with the Japanese.


  1. 33 million people sound likes a ton, but these pictures leave me dumbfounded. It must seem a little overwhelming at times. We serve a powerful God though! And he loves each and every single one of those souls.

  2. wow! what a HUGE place! i am so glad that God has sent the four of you and that you actually obeyed! i pray that your impact is BIG, however He chooses to define that. i am praying for you all constantly while you're in japan. love, pamela