Sunday, September 20, 2009

Japanese Holiday

Today was the second day of a four day long Japanese holiday here, no one is really quite sure what the holiday is all about though. Each of the Buddhist temples though will carry a small version of their shrine/temple around through the streets of Shibuya chanting and singing. We saw at least half a dozen different ones today being carried around the streets. They usually attract quite a following of people as they go as well, so the already busy city of Shibuya becomes extra busy and crowded on a day like today. We of course know that what they are worshipping is nothing more than sticks and stones, however we would ask that you pray for the Japanese people here, that their eyes are opened to the truth of what they're doing. We spent our afternoon doing some prayer walking and 5 minute English though in Musashisakai, because of the festival it was like a ghost town there and we really weren't able to meet any new contacts. We were however able to have dinner with a Japanese man that I met a few weeks ago, H-san. It was a difficult time at dinner though as his English isn't that good and my Japanese is even worse. He said he would like to meet again soon, so that's a good thing. Please pray for him that his heart is opened to the Word and that we are bold in proclaiming it.

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