Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sad day in Tokyo

Not really any pictures to share today, as today was rainy day here in Tokyo. Today was our last full day here in Tokyo. We spent the morning prayer walking in Higashikoganei with the whole team and then we went to lunch with Jeff, the career missionary in charge of our team. We had our debrief time where talked about what the past month meant to us and what we are going to take away from this trip. It was a good lunch and we got some good feedback. This has been an amazing trip and God has used us in some truly amazing ways. One of the things that we learned during this trip was praying for boldness in sharing our faith means nothing if we never take that first step of sharing to begin with. God will never grant boldness to those who don't speak. We also learned of how spiritually dead Tokyo and most of Japan is. People in this city have tried to fill the emptiness that exists in every ones heart with material stuff, granted they think they're happy but its only temporary, the pain is still there.

We've also met some great missionaries here who we've become good friends with, you'll be hearing more about these folks as they are some of the very people your Lottie Moon dollars support. We've also made some great Japanese friends since we've been here, tonight we had dinner with T-san, a friend who we've met with a bunch since we've been here. It was very sad to say goodbye to her, however its comforting to know she's in good hands. We're sad to leave the country and the work behind, but at the same time we do look forward to enjoying America and our friends and family again. This trip has been amazingly quick and in the words of a former journeymen here concerning her time here, 'I blinked and it was over'. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us while we were here, God answered your prayers on an almost daily basis.

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  1. It sounds like you guys have had a wonderful trip and God has used you to touch many lives that may never have heard the name Jesus if it were not for you! Praying for a safe trip home!