Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nogawa Park

Today was another day of park ministry here in Tokyo, so we took off for Nogawa Park in Higashikoganei. It was a pretty far walk from the train station and we didn't have much in the form of directions but we did eventually find it. It's a fairly large park that attracts a lot of families. Park ministry days are always very tough, because there is no structured system for meeting people, you basically have to force yourself onto people. It's difficult because just like Americans, the Japanese also don't like to be bothered when they're relaxing at the park. We were only able to talk to two ladies the whole afternoon. One of them was pretty scary and wanted to know what country we were from and another assumed we knew the Japanese language very well and proceeded to tell us about a cat we were looking at. The last two pictures you see are of the park, the first picture is of a street festival where they carry around a small shrine. They do this to mark the changing of the seasons,I forgot what they call the festival, but either way its clearly of Satan and not of God. Because of this festival the city of Shibuya was crazy last night, there were people everywhere. Please continue to pray that God breaks down the spiritual strongholds that exist here and opens the Japanese people's eyes up to the truth about God and His Son Jesus Christ. Pray also that we are strong in overcoming Satan's attempts to prevent us in sharing God's Word.

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  1. It is very eye opening to see these strongholds so closely. Thank you for sharing them on your blog.