Thursday, September 17, 2009

A typical day of ministry here

Today was another typical day of ministry for us here. We usually get up around 6:30-7:00 and get going out of the apartment around 9:00. We have a half and hour walk to get to the train station from our place, we then ride the train for 30-45 minutes to get to our ministry site. Once we arrive we usually begin doing distribution of the Hope DVD offer in people's mailboxes for about and hour and a half. After a quick break for lunch we hit the streets again and prayer walk for about and hour and half. At 3:00 we begin 5 minute English and that usually lasts until 6:00. After that we come back home which usually takes just over an hour of train and walking time. The evening trains are something else here, they are usually always very packed and at every station they add more people to the car. It gets very jammed and you have to surrender all thoughts of having a such a thing as personal space here in Tokyo! We we able to have lunch with one of Beth's contacts again today, which was a real blessing. We ask that you continue to pray for T-san as she begins to hopefully read some of her Bible. We also ask that you pray for the new contacts that we met today during 5 minute English, M-san, A-san, S-san, and A-san. We are doing the names like this now, to further protect their identity. Some of the people we have talked to are not allowed to be Christians according to their family. God knows their names, we just ask that you pray that they are open to us building a relationship with them and us sharing God's Word with them. Today was also Chris and Erin's last day with us, we will miss them. Please pray that they have a safe flight back home.

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