Monday, September 21, 2009

Throw your hands up!!

Today was quite the interesting day for us here. It started with the usual stuff, distribution in Higashikoganei and some prayer walking after lunch, but then it got crazy. IMB Tokyo had been expecting the arrival of a Gospel rap group, they consisted of three guys from CA (Ceasar, Eddy, and Mike). They had planned to put on a series of four concerts at the larger train stations along the Chuo Line. The other journeymen and ourselves were to go to these concerts and sort hang out in the crowd and look for those who are interested in this and try to talk to them. Well the time came when we were to go to Tachicawa station for the first concert! Needless to say many of us were nervous (this is something new for all of us). After meeting the guys we proceeded to get set up and then they put on the show. It was much different than what I thought it was going to be like. They do rap about Godly things and are probably some of the nicest and most outgoing Christian men you will ever meet. We were able to talk to some people however it was limited. The neat thing about this style of ministry is that it attracts the very people who won't pay us a bit of attention when we do 5 minute English, so that's a good thing.
It was also interesting that as soon as these guys turned on their equipment to begin, Satan showed up to attack. Sharon (an ISC'er) got a major migraine, fear and nervousness attacked a couple members, a cult showed up and wanted to pass out their material in front of us, and "Jesus cat and dog" were there to distract Beth and I (yes Chris I know)! Japan is a battleground for people's souls and sometimes it seems as though we are outnumbered, but we must prevail as God has already won the war.
We would ask that you please pray for the Lion Tribe (the rap group), pray that they are bold in proclaiming God's Word. Please pray for Y-san, a young man I met during the concert, pray that his heart is opened to the Word. Please pray for Amy, a new intern, that she makes the transition smoothly. And continue to pray for our protection here. Also please pray for T-san and her friend as we go and meet with them today, pray that they are open to God's Word and that we are bold in speaking it.

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