Friday, September 11, 2009


Today we spent our time in Hisgashi-Koganei, its the smallest station/city of our three we are assigned to. We began by prayer walking the city area followed by some more distribution after lunch. The first picture is of the train station for the Chuo line (the line we are assigned to), it can get pretty crowded on the trains here. Usually in the evening we have to jam in on the train, its usually shoulder to shoulder and sometimes even closer than that! The silly picture of Beth and I is from a grocery store today. Today was a weird food day for me as I had pork tongue or liver for lunch (we don't know which) and chicken skin for a dinner treat! Tonight was also kind of discouragement for our team as tonight was our friendship party. We put out a lot of invites to the Japanese contacts that we have met, but didn't have any show for it. We have to keep reminding ourselves though that we can't make them stop and talk to us nor can we force them into a relationship, they have to want to show up and they have to want to build a relationship with us. Tomorrow is another day of park ministry at Nogawa park, however it is supposed to rain, so please pray that we are obedient to whatever situation God throws our way tomorrow. We're not asking for it not to rain, just that we follow God's will for that day, rain or shine! The last picture of is the team doing 5 minute English practice. This is such a small station that getting only a couple of contacts is considered a very good afternoon. We thank you all for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us.


  1. Keep up the good work guys. I know it must be tough, but God is in control and His Word will NOT return void. You might never see the ripples of what you are doing this month but know that there will be ripples. :)

  2. "...pork toungue or liver..." the rest of the pig has to be somewhere...right?