Thursday, September 3, 2009

Its a small world!

This is a picture of our team we are working with here in Tokyo. It consists of us (Beth and Matt), Chris and Erin, Jeff, Sonya, Lilly, Andrew, and Amanda. One of the neat things that happened today was that God reminded us of just how small a world it really is sometimes. As we were all becoming quite overwhelmed at the size of Tokyo and the work facing us here, we began to get a bit discouraged, so God allows us each a small world moment today so that we can all see that God really is in charge and it is truly a small world after all. For instance, I (Matt) found out that Amanda (a fellow teammate here) is from my home town (Culpeper). After Beth showed her a picture of my family she also noticed my sister in law and realized that she bought her first bike from her families store in Richmond. Andrew (another teammate here) met an old college friend who he hadn't seen in years in one of the most random places in Tokyo. Finally, Lilly met a neighbor from her hometown as we were doing 5 minute English. It was great to be reminded just how small of a world it really is as we were being discouraged by the size of this city.

The picture of the temple is where we spent the morning. Its the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan and we spent our time prayerwalking the temple area asking God to tear down the spiritual barriors that exist there. It was sad to see how many people (kids, older people, foreigners, etc) practicing idol worship. They attempted to seek healing and fortune from nothing more than metal and wood and nothing. We ask that you pray for the Asakusa area and the foothold that Satan has there. It was a very dark and sad area to visit today.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing 5 minute English practice in Shinjuku. We were all able to meet some Japanese and were able to share the Gospel with 7 people today! Tomorrow we got to Mitaka station for the whole day for ministry work. We would ask prayer for some specific Japanese that we met today, pray that we are able to build stronger relationships with them and and their hearts are softened to the Gospel. Please pray for: Emi, Hitomi, Erika, Makiko, Tomoe, Natsumi.

We finished our day with dinner with some good oknomiyaki (the picture of the crazy food)! It was fun and tasty.

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