Friday, September 18, 2009

Today was our first day without Chris and Erin, it was kind of sad to see them go, but we still had to press on with the day's work. It was another day of distribution, prayer walking, and 5 minute English in Mitaka. It was very nice and cloudy and cool today as a typhoon is heading our way, so we got a much needed break from the heat. We were able to meet some more people today during 5 minute English and we would ask that you please pray for M-san, R-san, M-san, Y-san, please pray for their salvation and that God continues to convict their hearts. Please pray that we are able to build relationships with these people and that they are open to hearing God's Word. Tomorrow is a another day of park ministry, this time we are going to Nogawa park in Higashikoganei. Please pray that we are able to meet some Japanese people tomorrow at the park and are able to share with them the Gospel of Christ.

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